NFL 2014 Preview: Seattle Seahawks

Last year’s Seahawks went all the way and were crowned champions of the Superb Owl. They accomplished this mostly on the strength of their stellar defense, which may take a small step back this year with the loss of Browner, Clemons and Bryant. They still have Earl Thomas, who remains the reason you need to watch this team every chance you get. Unfortunately Pete “Trust me, I know what I’m doing” Carroll has decided the best safety we’ll ever see should also return punts, so here’s hoping Thomas can remain injury free this season. Football Outsiders has Russell Wilson at 9th overall in Defensive Yards Above Replacement. According to the Advanced Football Analysis podcast, teams that win a lot of games with really good defense and middle of the road offense, like the Seahawks did last year, tend to take a step back the following year. That sounds reasonable. World class d-bag Richard Sherman runs his mouth a lot for a guy who doesn’t always cover the opponent’s best receiver. Here’s hoping the Seahawks begin regretting that $40 million “guaranteed” ($12.431 fully guaranteed) early on this season. If nothing else, making it to the feast of the Superb Owl takes a toll on a team, and it’s hard to repeat. Nearly impossible.

Feels like a Wild Card. Sorry 12th Man. Watch out for those undercover cops in the stands.


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