Romophobic: Week 1

With his offseason spent in the Jerry Jones Glory Hole Laboratory, Tony Romo has combined Young High Ceiling Romo with Mid Career Topsy Turvy Romo and a dose of Late Career Back Trouble to create Super Romo. No more ups and downs to tease us. Just a 60 minute disaster until Jerry fires Jason Garrett. It’s hilarious because it shoulda happened YEARS AGO.

Losing 14-3 – With a WR streaking downfield, open on a post route, Romo tries to force a pass underneath to Dez Bryant. INT returned to the Cowboys 1, followed by an easy Niners TD.

Losing 21-3 – On a 1st and Goal from the 5 – With a WR open in the end zone, Romo holds the ball, then flings it into the right side of the end zone, where 3 defenders await. INT touchback.

Losing 21-3 – With no margin for error, deep in his own territory, and Dez Bryant tightly double covered, Romo decides 2 first-half INTs simply aren’t enough, and chucks a duck up in Bryant’s direction. INT leads to short field and Niners TD.

Classic Romo! And all this with 30 minutes of football left, in what Joe Buck seriously calls the “Game of the Week.”

As for all the surprise out there, there should be none. Since the start of the 2006 season, Romo has 11 games with 3 or more INTs. Only Elisha Manning has more, with an embarrassing 16.

UP NEXT FOR ROMO: A Week 2 road game versus the Tennessee Titans.



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