Week 1 Random Musings

We have an early surprise leader for dumbest coach of the year. Sean Payton challenged a catch by the Falcons. Only a 17 yard gain, still in Atlanta territory. In the first quarter. He lost, but the point is it’s not worth the risk.

Shame on Falcons coach Mike Smith for his pussyfoot coaching in overtime. Fortunately for him, he’s got a good kicker.

The real Nick Foles has stepped up, terrifying survivor pools everwhere, with 1 INT and 2 Fumbles in one half of football. Or maybe the real Nick Foles was the guy destroying the Jaguars in the 2nd half.

Chris Ivory, early celebration king! Ivory took a handoff at the Jets 29 and headed for daylight. With no one in front of him, he started celebrating at the Raiders 35 ish, letting everyone know he’s number 1. Hilariously he got caught from behind but was able to fall into the end zone for a touchdown. Rex needs to talk about discipline instead of “goddamn snacks”. A “QB motions out, direct snap to RB, Reverse with a Pass Option” by Michael Vick was beautiful, until Vick missed the throw, which woulda been a TD. Instead it was more Jets sadness. But it was a fairly easy win, because their opponent was…

The Raiders. Derek Carr looks like he’s got a lot of potential. Potential to get Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie fired midseason.

Bob Costas should be shot for calling the Colts @ Broncos game “The War of 1812” – at least i think it was Costas. I was too busy vomiting and crying from all the money I lost on the Bears.



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