Elisha shoots for 70%, Week 1

In the offseason, NY Giants QB coach Danny Langsdorf said that Eli Manning’s goal is a 70% completion rate. So every week, we’ll see how Eli does. Just imagine a slide-whistle sound effect.

Week 1 – 54.5 % including two interceptions

Aw, poor baby. Well, now Eli needs to complete 71% over the last 15 weeks.

Only a jackass would publicly challenge his quarterback to do something that’s damn near impossible. 70% has only been done seven times, by six QBs, with some pretty big caveats:

Sammy Baugh (in an eight-game season in 1945)

Ken Anderson (1982)

Alex Smith (2012, a year in which he was benched for not being good enough, proving how irrelevant this stat is when not viewed in the right context)

Drew Brees (2009 and 2011, plays for an offensive mastermind and has not hit that number in the other 7 seasons in that system)

Steve Young (1994) and Joe Montana (1989) – West Coast Offense, almost all short passes. Montana and Young played in Bill Walsh’s system for 24 total seasons, 12 each, and only achieved this once.

How about other QB’s in their most famous years? Kurt Warner 1999 – 65%. Peyton Manning 2004 – 68.3%. Tom Brady 2007 – 68.9%…70%would be great but if you want to shoot for a number, just shoot for 100% and do your fucking best. Because Tim Tebow won a playoff game going 10 for 21 (47%!!!!) for 316 yards against Dick F. LeBeau.

NONE of the above quarterbacks were in their first season in their offense, unlike Elisha. Eli MIGHT can run Ben McAdoo’s offense, but trying to hit random “success” markers WHILE learning the offense only makes it harder. And Elisha does NOT need things to be harder.

But that’s the beauty of Tom Coughlin’s team. The head coach expects people to live with their clocks set incorrectly, and the quarterback coach is calling out a career 58.5% passer (whose best year was only 62.9%) for not completing 70%. Good luck with that.



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