Eye in the Sky – Week 1

Here’s the real reason the Dolphins beat the Patriots.

You don’t see this every day. A [non goal line, non short yardage] defensive front with 5 defensive linemen. I don’t know what the Dolphins call it, but it’s closer to the 5-2 Oklahoma than the 5-2 Eagle, wouldn’t you say? It’s not quite Bud Wilkinson’s Okie front but it’s a long way from the DB heavy Prowls and whatnot we usually see in the current NFL. It’s closer to the 5-2 Monster I got the hell kicked out of me playing in during my old school days.


DE Fede / DT Starks / DT Mitchell / DT Odrick / DE Oliver

(most of the time Cameron Wake was among the 5)

The Dolphins had a great game plan all around, basically doing the opposite of everything they’d shown in preseason on offense and defense. And maybe special teams, with a great punt block.

But the defense was the key. Great work by Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle.

(screencap from NFL Game Rewind)


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