Andy Reid is Killing Me

With 2:37 left in the FIRST HALF, Andy Reid is out of challenges. I’d swear he’s just trolling me at this point if I didn’t have more than a decade of proof that he’s just an in-game moron.

Against Peyton Manning, with game management as important as ever, Reid is wasting challenges as if they grow on fucking trees.

If you wanna look for a silver lining, at least this means he’ll have a harder time blowing his second half timeouts. SLIGHTLY harder.

UPDATE: Halfway through the third quarter, still a winnable game, Andy Reid burns his first timeout of the 2nd half. He’s really putting on a clinic out there today.

UPDATE 2: After scoring a TD to go down 5, Andy Reid chose to kick the PAT instead of going for 2. It’s mind-blowing. Everyone knows the chart by now. Except for Andy Reid. Facts means nothing to him. He’s just going with his gut.



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