Sunday Mornhinweg


The Jets were robbed of a late game [possible game-winning] touchdown because of offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. You might remember this guy from his time as head coach of the Lions, when he famously chose to kick off in overtime, and lost because of it.

Today, Mornhinweg pitched a fit trying to call a timeout, which assistant coaches aren’t even allowed to do. The ref heard the “timeout” cry and blew the whistle, thinking Rex Ryan had called it.


Classic Mornhinweg, and classic Jets football. Another loss.

NOTE: A few of you might remember Bill Belichick kicking off to begin overtime against the Broncos last season. It was the first time since Mornhinweg did it, and Belichick had both the weather and new overtime rules on his side. So it’s not just that Mornhinweg lost and Belichick won. It’s that Mornhinweg is nuts, and Belichick knows what he’s doing.

More info here! Interestingly, Belichick has now been on the right side of 3 of these. Once when Belichick was defensive coordinator for Parcells with the Giants and Parcells chose to kick (partly trusting Belichick’s defense). And once when Belichick was coach of the Patriots and Wade Phillips of the Bills chose to kick. Basically, there’s gotta be crazy wind, and anything can happen.


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