Random Musings During Week 2 Games

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Patriots protecting Brady with a 6 man offensive line. Hell, why not?

People whined when Gronk got hurt on a FG unit, but Belichick uses his best players on special teams, and it pays off with Chandler Jones blocking a FG, getting a good bounce and running it back for a TD just before halftime.

In mouth-full-of-gravel Bill Cowher terminology, the Matt Kirk Cousins era has begun in DC.  It’s unconnected to the racist owner’s douchebag behavior, but it’s kinda hilarious. They’ve given up all those picks for a guy with a bad knee, and now the guy with a bad knee is SHOCKINGLY a guy with a bad knee. And now ankle. He’s done. So for the racist blackface-wearing fans, ENJOY the future.

Bill Belichick using Richard Seymour as a FB thinks JJ Watt as a tight end is a brilliant call.

The Chiefs chose to kick off to Peyton Manning to start the game. The moronic Phil Simms agreed, saying “The Chiefs had trouble on offense last week, might as well start on defense.” 7 plays, 80 yards later in only 3:41 and it’s 7-0 Broncos. And somehow Phil Simms has a job “analyzing” football. The world sucks.



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