Elisha Shoots for 70%, Week 2

Remember last week? Grab your slide whistle, let’s do this.

How’d Elisha do this week against the Cardinals? Suprisingly well! He completed 26 of 39 passes for a whopping 66% in a competitive loss. So percentage-wise it was a good day for Eli but not good enough for his own team’s standards. If you factor in passes he completed to the other team, it’d be 71%. But you don’t count those, so it’s 66%, with 2 interceptions. He also had a fumble.

Through two games, he’s already got four interceptions, putting him on pace to eclipse last year’s 27. It’s a great year for laughing at Elisha.

Overall for the year, he’s at 61.1%. Better than expected, but well off the pace. The 0-2 Giants are “not as bad as last year’s 0-2 Giants,” according to Elisha. Maybe that counts for something, somewhere. But not at Whiskey Over Milk.

Below: Ben McAdoo searches for a play call that Elisha will understand.


Still searching…


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