Bucs @ Falcons Preview

Tonight two of the worst in-game coaches in football history will face off in a 22 year old building that is being replaced because it’s “out of date”. Hooray for football.

Bucs coach Lovie Smith will run variations of the same boring, outdated defense again and again. He’ll refuse to challenge when he should, but he’ll waste a challenge at the slightest opportunity. Timeouts will mean nothing to him, and adjustments will be few and far between. Josh McCown will prove he was a terrible choice in free agency.

On the other sideline, it will be worse. Poor adjustments, poor decisions, poor everything. Falcons coach Mike Smith will possibly cost his team points by throwing his challenge flag. He’ll take long FGs for granted, and he’ll throw in a few calls too stupid to predict.

The game will probably come down to the end. So while one team’s fans will be satisfied with the score, no one will be satisfied by the actual game.





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