Bucs @ Falcons Review

That escalated quickly. I’d review the game but

1. I didn’t see all of it

2. What I DID see was real self-explanatory

3. The coaching decisions and interesting wrinkles I love mattered NONE.

It was just missed tackles, blown coverages, bad angles by linebackers and safeties, punting to Devin Hester, recovering fumbles and then fumbling them back to the Falcons…I could go on but all you need to know is it was 28-0 when I ate some marijuana, and it was 56-0 when that marijuana kicked in. Garbage points made it 56-14, which maybe Lovie can sell as “we didn’t quit.” Oh, Lovie. He is what we thought he was.

For fun, the top 3 stupid as shit Phil Simms Quotes of the Night:

“I’m always interested in strategy.”

“Game plans always go to the weakness of the defense.”

“There are a lot of other words for what’s going on.”

There sure are! Words that shouldn’t be used for what was going on include “It’s the right call, Jim,” which is what Phil Simms said when the Bucs PUNTED IN FALCONS TERRITORY DOWN 35-0! It’s the WRONG CALL.

Whomever runs CBS Sports is a fucking moron. Update: It’s some guy named Sean McManus. Phil Simms is their top analyst? He must have video of something real spurious going on involving Sean McManus, and well, I won’t speculate. Wouldn’t be proper for a family website such as this. I’m not even comfortable with the name Sean McManus. Easy to misread that one and get in trouble.



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