Jason Garrett, Stubborn Mofo

God I wish someone would put Jason Garrett out of my misery.

Ways Jason Garrett has lost football games:

And then, yesterday, with a chance to close out a game by converting a short 3rd and 3?



There it is. In a game in which DeMarco Murray had 100 yards rushing, and the Cowboys averaged 4.2 yards per run, Garrett and Romo see no need to run or play-fake. They go empty set.

The outcome? A predictable incompletion from Romo, basically assured by the formation. They won because Jeff Fisher’s Rams were in the midst of a legendary choke job, coming from 21-0 to lose. But that doesn’t excuse the idiocy put on display nearly every week from Garrett and Romo. Especially Garrett. When it’s not Romo. Usually both. Rarely neither.

I wish there was a Hell for Jason Garrett to burn in. Kinda.

NOTE: For those of you who wish to point out that Tony Romo is sometimes great in empty sets, slow down. The previous empty set in this game had inspired the Rams to rush 3, and no one was open. Romo ran and survived. It was not lighting the Rams up.



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