STFU, Peyton

Peyton Manning is blaming the overtime rules and the coin flip for the Broncos loss yesterday.

Here’s what Peyton Manning did during regulation instead of trying to win:

3rd and 9: Audible to draw play for zero yards.

3rd and 10: Audible to draw play for minus-2 yards.

4th and 2: PUNT

3rd and 1: Audible to draw play for zero yards.

4th and 1: PUNT

3rd and 3: Backwards pass for minus-4 yards.

3rd and 11: Interception thrown directly to Kam Chancellor.

With 59 seconds left in the game, a desperate Manning finally began throwing downfield, going 80 yards in 5 plays, with the same call on 3 of them. With the exception of the 3rd and 4th plays of the drive, a short out and an incomplete pass to the RB that woulda taken more time than was worth it, the 1st, 2nd, and 5th plays of the drive were the same goddamn play. Switch verticals to the left. The [intended receiver] slot WR runs vertical and then bends his route outside while the outside WR runs deep, breaking inward, hopefully carrying the outside CB with him and preventing the deep safety from getting over in time. Mike Leach probably wet his pants watching it.

Granted, Leach coaches college, but he’s got balls. He goes vertical all 60 minutes, not just for desperation heaves at the end. Peyton Manning needs to stop worrying about coin flips and overtime and WIN IN REGULATION. Hopefully by growing a pair and throwing deeper passes.





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