Giants @ Racists Preview!

I’d love to see something interesting on offense and defense from both teams. But when the best coordinator in the game is Jim F. Haslett, I’m not counting on much.

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin will compound bad decisions with horrible choices.

Dan Snyder’s team of cowardly racists will probably win, because their backup QB is now starting, and looks much better in Jay Gruden’s system than the starting QB. And they’re at home on a Thursday, which so far this season means load up on the home team and try to stay awake in the 2nd half.

It will be sloppy like most Thursday night games. The NFC LEAST will roll on, showing us how far these two organizations have fallen since the Parcells/Belichick and Joe Gibbs eras.

And in the stands, you’ll get to see lots of footage of “fans” in blackface, which in this case means all dressed up like Injuns. Sometimes America is embarrassing.



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