See Me, Phil Me

Phil Hack Simms, during the broadcast of Bucs @ Falcons:

“What do people want to know the day after the game? They just wanna know did you win or [did] you lose?”

Who the hell only wants to know that? Even morons will ask how the quarterback did, how the defense did, etc. Did they throw to run or run to throw? Man or zone? Lots of blitzing?

And herein lies the biggest problem with Phil Simms. He doesn’t think anything during the game is important, so he doesn’t learn enough to be able to comment well on it. I wouldn’t mind if there was another analyst in the booth, but there’s only one! Why even be an ANALYST if you think your ANALYSIS is something no one wants to know? Just to cash checks, I reckon. Must be nice.

I’ve heard many people complain about the inconvenience of Thursday Night Football, especially out on the West Coast. And with Phil Simms on the broadcasts this year, it’s not only inconvenient, it’s a terrible production. So let me suggest again that you purchase NFL Game Rewind, where you can watch the game at your convenience, with just the plays spliced together and zero commercials. Freedom is beautiful!




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