The Old Familiar Sting

First off, Andy Benoit is about the only reason to ever go to Peter King’s Sports Illustrated’s The MMQB, and Benoit’s podcast (available on SoundCloud) is fantastic. But he wrote this piece a few days ago about the shocking amount of key injuries this season.

Wow, I thought, maybe injuries are finally coming to the NFL. That’s sarcasm, kids!

Everyone knows football players get hurt. Which is why THE SAME WEBSITE posted this piece last year about the shocking amount of key injuries during last season.

If the MMQB site existed in 2012, I’m sure they’d have written a similar piece. So many hacks people wrote about injuries in 2011 that the bougie crowd at Harvard did this study to prove injuries are relatively the same from year to year.

So don’t waste your time reading bullshit about how surprising it is that players in the most physical sport get injured when running into each other. It has always happened. As seen below, in 1960.



I’ll bet people wrote idiotic columns back then, too. With feather quills, in longhand, on parchment.

BONUS: Enjoy this clip of Chuck Bednarik explaining his feud with Chuck Noll.

And pay attention to Bednarik’s right pinky finger, which looks a tad off. I won’t trouble the innocent among you with a picture, but if you google “Chuck Bednarik hands” you’ll feel real happy about your own digits.



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