What a Marrone

Doug Marrone has benched EJ Manuel. That would be all well and good, but Doug Marrone hates the guy that the Bills front office signed to back up Manuel: KYLE ORTON. That’s right, folks. The coach has benched his QB for the backup he didn’t want. Captain Neckbeard.

Yesterday, when asked if he’d considered benching Manuel for Orton: “No, not at all.”

So was this move done by the front office? Is Marrone already on his way out? Has Marrone changed course on his own?

I don’t have any answers to those questions, but you know what else isn’t an answer? KYLE ORTON. Last seen holding a clipboard in Dallas. Previously benched for Tim Tebow, traded for Jay Cutler, benched for Brian Griese, benched for Rex Grossman…the real question here is will Orton be benched for EJ Manuel or Jeff Tuel? I’m on the edge of my seat!

To all those Bills fans that were talking shit after the 2-0 start, I can’t hear you.

Same ole Buffalo Bills.

NOTE: I’d put up some pictures of Kyle Orton for those of you who aren’t familiar. But you still wouldn’t get the full Orton. You need to google KYLE ORTON DRINKING. Thank me later. It’s the new MARK DAVIS HAIRCUT google.


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