Vikings @ Packers Preview!

Could the fifth episode of Thursday Night Football give us the fifth consecutive shitty game? I’m on the edge of my seat for the Matt Cassel Teddy Bridgewater Christian Ponder Show. Against Aaron Rodgers, who looks like he’s finally got the R-E-L-A-X train rolling again. Rodgers destroyed the Bears, even on plays that didn’t count.

Once more, the Packers drive chart from the Bears game:

Drive 1: Touchdown

Drive 2: Touchdown

Drive 3: Touchdown

Drive 4: Field Goal

Drive 5: Touchdown

Drive 6: Touchdown

Drive 7: Missed FG

To quote the great Ace Ventura, CAN YOU FEEL THAT, BUDDY?


That said, Mike Zimmer’s gonna be double A Gap-ing the hell outta that rookie center. And the last time Rodgers faced a Zimmer D, Packers @ Bengals 2013, it didn’t go so well.

Like every Thursday so far, you’ll be able to disregard my expert analysis by halftime. Probably. Last week was slightly different as the ROAD team blew out the home team. Otherwise, chaos has reigned. And tonight, it could reign in the rain as there’s 100% chance of a downpour. According to the meteorologists. And they’re never wrong, eh?

Betting wise, I’d say sit this one out. But if you wanna go nuts, GO NUTS.

In other news, Raiders Owner Mark Davis trotted out a new haircut this week:



He’s tightened up the back. But it’s still all business up front. Risky business.




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