Elisha Shoots for 70%, Week 6: A Giant Disappointment

Elisha’s stat line Sunday versus Philly:

13 for 23      56.52%      151 yds      0 TD      0 INT

Time to fire up the glockenspiel for another fireside round of “ELISHA!” Sweet Jesus Quintana, Brian Hoyer can do better than that.

Shocking no one, Elisha crashed back to Earth, taking his season % back down to 58.73. That ridiculous goal of 70% is receding into the horizon. We’re mere weeks away from it being all but impossible.

In a way, Elisha was saved by how pitiful he was yesterday, as he had 2 scrambles and 6 sacks. He coulda been under 50% if he’d thrown those as poorly as he threw most of the night. Granted, his O line sucked. But I’ll assume most of that is Eli not adjusting the protection. Give Pugh some help!

The way Tony Romo is playing, I’ve got to take solace somewhere. Thank Satan for Elisha.


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