Week 6 Autopsy

Wendell Davis injury…Victor Cruz

Mike McCarthy with the worst decision of the day, FG w 4 mins left down 8. Luckily for him he was against Joe Philbin and he had Aaron Rodgers at QB.

Nice knowing you, Joe Philbin. Hold on to that house, Jim Harbaugh will be flush with cash when he gets to town.

Byron Maxwell drops a 100yd pick six that woulda made it 17-0, instead the following play is a Cowboys TD so it’s 10-7 and officially “a game”.

The Mike Zimmer watch can start NOW “I’m the boss,” Zimmer said. “It’s their job to please me, not the other way around.” Sounds a lot like ole Hue Jackson’s “I’m pissed and I’m gonna take control” that got Hue (WHO) shitcanned after one year.

Jaguars holy ebola Gus Bradley of the WINLESS Jaguars taking a 55yd FG for granted


Patriots did 5 man DL v Bills (Dolphins did Week 1)

Sammy Watkins “I was open all day.” OF COURSE YOU WERE hell man, if literally is now defined as “figuratively,” maybe open means not open. 2 catches for 27 yards on 3 targets…43 pass plays? 27 yards on 43 pass routes equals _____ per route run.

A lot of stupid NFL tweets and articles this week, as people are blaming egg throwing for the Raiders loss to the Chargers, logo stomping for the Giants loss to the Eagles, and who knows? maybe ownership changeover parties for the Bills loss to the Patriots? Maybe Devin Hester gave the evil eye to the Bears in pregame warmups to inspire the Bears domination of the Falcons? Goddammit people. PLEASE write about the actual football that’s happening. Some of it’s great.

No Romophobic this week, he’s killing me. He’s absorbing huge hits and returning to the game without missing a play, he’s threading needles (sometimes), he’s not turning it over (as much).

But we still have Elisha! At least there’s that.



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