Week 7 Autopsy

Falcons v Ravens. Another week, another Mike Smith train wreck. Flacco’s TWO INTs in the end zone, the only reason the beating the Ravens gave the Falcons didn’t look worse.

The week of the 3 Tight End set. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Even if one came from the Cowboys and one came from the Steelers. Cowboys: 6:20 in 3rd qtr, TD to the outside TE Escobar. Pittsburgh’s came late in the game, 11:05 in the 4th, mostly to run out the clock.

Chiefs v Chargers. Andy Reid somehow got a win even though he tried to get a loss. Wasting timeouts and challenges. Fortunately for him, Mike McCoy was wasting timeouts of his own. The dumbest timeout is always the “ice the kicker” timeout, and McCoy did it even though his team was getting the ball back. UPDATE. A few days later, showing he learns nothing from his mistakes, McCoy burned a timeout against Denver, when even his douchebaggy QB P. Rivers didn’t want to use one.

The Bears handed the ball to Matt Forte TWICE in the first half. Is Trestman not calling running plays? Is Trestman calling them but Cutler checking to a pass so he can fling the ball to the defense? I wish I knew so I could plan my attack. The Bears have cost me a lot of money this year.

Sammy Baugh, three way player, once led the league in touchdown passes as a QB, interceptions as a DB, and punt yardage. Chuck Bednarik two way player…maybe we’ve found the next great full time player. Haloti Ngata was snapper on PAT late v Falcons. Take that, Ndamukong Suh FG attempt.





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