A Better Victory Formation

Dear Nick Mangold,

Part of me loves to see Jets meltdowns, so I admit I was disappointed in Vick dealing with the nefarious incident below. Part of me also loves the defensive knowledge of Rex Ryan and hates to see him get fired for his GMs not knowing how to evaluate quarterbacks. But as to the victory formation incident:

USE THE SHOTGUN. I repeat, use the goddamn shotgun formation.

Will  Muschamp understands, he did it against UGA just last weekend. If you’re worried about the LOS, put your QB in the gun. If you use the shotgun I won’t have to hear whining like the bullshit you offered the media today after the Steelers did this:

Steelers Try To Wreck Jets' Victory Formation

I know, Nick. You thought since you were in the Victory Formation that the Steelers would capitulate and reveal their Defeat Formation. But while they fired Bruce Arians and hired Todd Haley they’re not as stupid as you think.

Nobody had a problem with that defensive action when this happened:

Look at this:


That’s fucking awesome. So simmer down.



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