Week 12 autopsy

All the hacks will say Jonas Gray got zero carries because he overslept. Maybe. This was a passing based game plan, with Shane Vereen the feature back with 62 snaps. What Gray lost was the first shot at being the day’s big back. LeGarrette Blount got that chance and did well enough there was no need for Gray. Blount’s first carry was a 3 yd touichdown, and he only got 5 more first half snaps. The Patriots forced the Lions to play nickel and dime and die a death of a thousand cuts in the passing game.

At one point in the fourth quarter, during a drive in which the Lions surrendered 49 yards on 8 carries by Blount, Ndamokong Suh yelled “You can’t run on me!” The Patriots drive ended in a touchdown run. Classic Suh, not understanding they don’t have to run on him. They doubled him, and ran and threw on his teammates well enough.

Classic Jim Caldwell: early in the 4th the Lions trailed by 21 and needed to go for a 4th down to have a chance of winning. Caldwell let the clock run down, then burned a timeout, then kicked a FG, sealing the loss. Every game Caldwell goes out of his way to prove he learned nothing from getting fired in Indy. It’s fun to see. Thanks Coach Caldwell for helping me cover the spread today. That’s 2 in a row, and that’s what happens when he faces good coaches. Back to back L’s at the hands of Arians and Belichick.

On Brady’s second touchdown pass to Wright, FOUR Lions defenders were paying attention to Gronk.

Mike Smith YET AGAIN took a win for granted. This time even the Browns couldn’t choke it away. One day Mike Smith will have to pay for his sins, you’d think. But there was Arthur Blank, celebrating the “win” – so Blank’s not the guy who will see a flaw in Smith’s balls-less approach to coaching. And since Blank’s opinion is the only one that counts, congrats to Mike Smith for another successful outing.

Anquan Boldin is still the toughest man in the NFL. The Redskins safety got flagged for hitting Boldin when Boldin was defenseless. The defender was knocked out, while Boldin didn’t even fall down.

Simmer down, Collinsworth. Odell Beckham Jr’s catch was great, but it’s not the best of all time. The best of all time is this. Sure, Beckham was being interfered with, but Moss had to beat the best corner of his generation.



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