Big Balls, Small Balls and Hot Balls

The Patriots are being investigated for deflating footballs. More proof that the NFL is shady. Not because the Patriots are messing with the balls, but that the NFL targets the Patriots for things everyone else does freely.

Aaron Rodgers brags about overinflating balls. No punishment. Or maybe the NFL figures being coached by Mike McCarthy is punishment enough?

The Vikings got caught heating balls. No punishment.

All the teams are deflating, overinflating, heating, whatever. It shouldn’t just be allowed, it should be encouraged, if not required. The footballs should be exactly what the QB wants it to be, not what the always changing and always confusing NFL rulebook says.

I’m sure the Raiders are messing with the balls too, but they’re an incompetent organization of people happy to cash checks while losing. And so are most of the teams not named the Patriots. Investigate them for losing.

45-7 isn’t because of deflated footballs. It’s because of Belichick’s brass balls.



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