Situational Football Strikes Again

Everyone’s killing Cam Newton for not diving for the ball. But one year after situational football cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl, it cost the Panthers the Super Bowl. Cam Newton explained that he didn’t dive for the football because he didn’t want to get hurt. This is the correct decision, as Drew Brees career was nearly ended by diving for a ball. RG3’s 2015 season was ended by the same thing. BUT! In the fourth quarter of a one-score Super Bowl, the uniqueness and importance of the situation outweighs the risk. In the Super Bowl, down 16-10, you dive for that ball. Cam’s failure isn’t “not wanting it,” as ignorant Broncos players said, it’s not understanding situational football. But Cam’s coach Ron Rivera is to blame. After Rivera wasted both challenges in the first half, and mismanaged the clock at the end of the first half, how can his player(s) be blamed for also not understanding things? It’s Rivera’s job to teach them.

So Cam, who insists he wins his way, lost the Rivera way.


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