“When it’s 3rd and ten,                                                                                                           you can take the milk drinkers                                                                                                 and I’ll take the whiskey drinkers every time.”

-Max McGee, Green Bay Packers WR 1954-1967

This site will contain fact-based musings on American tackle football, the only sport complicated enough to deserve year-round attention. Especially the NFL, where 99% of the good players are. Little attention will be paid to hype and bullshit. Argue and whine about your power rankings elsewhere. Our fantasies don’t involve football.

Great football is built on strategy, with some gambling, cheating and violence thrown in to make it even more interesting. We will celebrate and revel in all these things. We’ll try to do it with a sense of humor, but no promises there.

More on Max McGee, from the great book Instant Replay by Packers RG Jerry Kramer:

[In a team meeting where Lombardi fined McGee $500 ($3500 in 2014 money) for missing yet another bed check]

Coach Lombardi was really shaking; he was very, very upset. He seemed to be fighting a losing battle. Vince turned purple. “If you go out again, it’ll cost you a thousand.”
The room was totally silent, hushed.

Lombardi stopped shaking and actually managed to grin a little. “Max,” he said, softly, “if you can find anything worth sneaking out for, for $1,000, hell, call me and I’ll go with you.”


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