These sites are not all regularly updated, but they are all recommended:

NFL Game Rewind – the best $69.99 you’ll spend all year. All-22 footage plus condensed games.

Advanced Football Analytics – Great site by Brian Burke, former fighter pilot.

Code and Football

Anything by Greg Cosell…he’s all over the place, writing and podcasts. Author of Games that Changed the Game

Grantland – Barnwell and Mays…ignore everything Simmons writes.

Football Outsiders – The first popular NFL analytics site, still one of the best. Run by Aaron Schatz

Football Perspective

National Football Post

NFL Savant

ESPN’s NFL Stats and Info – not updated nearly often enough, but some good stuff.

Pre Snap Reads

Pro Football Focus

Chris B. Brown’s Smart Football

NFL Playbooks are available on a few sites, probably has the most…

Zero Technique


“Football Scientist” KC Joyner and Cold Hard Football Facts [and Opinions] occasionally have good insights but they are wasted behind pay walls.


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